Name: Val
    Val is like the leader of the pack, the funny one, cracks jokes but has a serious side to him as well. Known for always wearing striped T-shirts Val is quite the character. But easily made fun of, what's his defense? Nothing....
Name: Travis "Trav"
    Trav, well what to say, this guy loves himself. Always trying to get girls, but fails miserably. Known for wearing his goggles, which makes him cool (cough). Claims to know Martial Arts but everyone knows he's full of S$%t...?
Name: Robert "Rob"
    This guy loves computers so much, that he got rid of his own bed to fit his computer in his room. Half Cuban (explains the fro) and half Mexican, when it comes to girls, Rob thinks were all equal. Also eats more than Elephants.
Name: Elizabeth "Liz"
    You know those annoying girls that just never go away, well that's her. Trav's younger sister (by one year), she loves attention. Likes to beat up Val for no reason except that its fun. And complain about everything she don't like.
Name: Jeff "Pimp"
    For some reason Jeff gets all the ladies, they love him. He likes to dress formal, with a tie and glasses. He is a smart guy just going down the wrong path. FEMALES.... He also is a video game aholic. Loves his video games.
Name: Cristina
    The nicest girl you will ever meet, would give you her jacket off her back if you were cold. She likes to make people laugh, and feel good.
Name: Japan Exchange Student
    This kid was shipped here right from Japan, knows absolutely no english. Which makes him a completely random character in this story. His favorite animal is a monkey. Everyone refers to him as "the asian kid"

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